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March 2019 Update

The demolition process is going well.  The contractors have already pulled down at least one third of the old school.  The old school is expected to be fully demolished by Easter so good progress is being made!  


January 2019 Update

The builders have been into the old school for the past month, removing debris, unwanted furniture and any unwanted materials.  

This work will finish by the end of January.  Then the demolition crew start their work!  

The demolition team will begin by knocking down the junior block of the old school, ensuring that they keep dust to a minimum using dust-suppression techniques.  During the February half term the team plan to remove the old building that is closest to the new school.  

The demolition work is scheduled to take around 8 weeks to complete.  The process will be noisy at times.

Elliotts have two phases to the demolition project - the first removing the old school and making good the new playground and then the second phase - making good the bottom playground and completing the landscaping and planting.  We hope that before the end of the summer term we will have not only our beautiful new building but also an amazing outdoor space in which to learn and play.

So what plans do we have for the new playgrounds?

The school council have requested trees, an outdoor library, an area where they can grow things, a nature garden and an area to play football.  I hope that we can provide all of these areas and more!  We'd like a mile track mapped on the playground and to reinstate the much used games of 4-square!  We have received a very generous donation that will go toward the development of a nature garden and have discussed ideas with a company who would like to do some community outreach work.  We hope they will be able to help us with  the design and planting of the area.  There is much work to do, but this is, another, very exciting time for Mayfield, the staff, Governors, children and their families.  


September 2018 Update

Wow!  It has been a busy summer but we have moved into our wonderful new building!

For years our library was a cupboard - now there is a beautiful dedicated library space - a world away from the previous provision!

The new school boasts a Studio for dance, music, Conferences and meetings.

The Cooking Cabin is a large room with three ovens and plenty of space for classes to make, bake and create delicious recipes!  The days of the shared welfare room/music cupboard and single oven for cooking are long gone!

Classrooms are light and airy, beautiful and bright.  Perfect places for children to thrive in their learning.

The hall is big, coordinated and spacious - a superb PE, drama and sporting hall.

There is much to enjoy and celebrate!

The next phase is the demolition phase.  Elliotts will be holding meetings to inform parents/carers about this next important stage for Mayfield and to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Our exciting journey continues and by April 2019 Mayfield will be the envy of all Ealing schools, with its fantastic modern building and playground space that goes on and on.  And our children and families deserve nothing less!

Thank you for your continued support in this exciting journey!



June Update 2018

Rebuild update – The Demolition Phase!

We are so looking forward to moving in to the new school building in September.

 After we move in, the second phase of works will begin – the demolition of the old school - which will have the end result of creating our enormous new playground!!

I have spoken with Elliotts, the rebuild contractors, and they have given me a time frame for the next phase. Here is what we know:

  • A demolition contractor, with experience of demolishing buildings in close proximity to occupied buildings, will be appointed over the summer break.
  • The contractor will provide detailed method statements that need to conform to stringent ESFA (Government) and H&S regulations.
  • Demolition of the building will happen in stages and will be phased-in sensitively to protect the children and staff. For example, the old buildings closest to the new school will be demolished when the children and staff are on holiday or when the school is not open, i.e after or before school hours
  • The demolition phase is due to begin in December.
  • The school will organise a meeting so that parents can ask questions of the contractor in the autumn term.
  • I am reassured by Elliotts that it is not an unusual situation where demolition is happening in the grounds of a live school and that they have lots of experience in this.

I will keep you updated with any further news. Thank you for your questions and interest in our new school. 

 Cladding is now going on the external part of the building. This will then be rendered and painted.  The brick work on the outside walls is almost complete and work continues inside with painting, electrics, water connections etc.  It is going to be SO lovely!

We have been busy ordering the new hall wall bars for gymnastics and the Teaching Walls for the classrooms.

We have also been planning the packing up and decant of the resources and equipment we need to take across to the new building.

Over the summer break the current Nursery and reception classrooms will be removed so we will gain more playground space until the main playground is finished.

We have been speaking with the children and they would love a nature area and an outdoor reading area so we will work with them to create these outdoor environments.



31st January 2018

Well, they say that Rome wasn't built in a day, but Mayfield almost was!  After a couple of months of forming the concrete bases, making good the set of modular classrooms that had been installed and panelling the hall structure, we returned from the weekend to find the school almost built!  There is still a lot of work to do inside the building but we can now see the scale of it.  And it looks amazing!  We are on schedule to move in in September 2018.



New Building - September 8th 2017

What a difference to the school grounds over the summer break! 

As you can see the school has been transformed.  Behind the hoardings the land is being levelled ready for the foundations for the new building.

Although the outside of the old building isn't looking its best, inside we have worked hard to create a vibrant, bright and stimulating environment.

The new Nursery classroom is located on the playground and the playground furniture has been given a lovely makeover.  It is a little bit of a squeeze in the playground but we are managing this by staggering playtime and lunchtime to give the children maximum play space.

Whilst work is going on here,  it is also going on in Leeds where our modular building is being constructed!

building compound

Flattening the ground to build on.


Elliot interior

Ground floor classrooms!



Making the building!