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What a wonderful year it's been!

We've had amazing sporting opportunities, we've sung at the O2 and the Olympic Park, we've created some beautiful artwork and performed amazing plays and assemblies.  We've read fabulous books, written imaginative stories, learned more about the world, worked hard on our maths and visited places to enrich our learning. Our pupils have not only achieved academically and creatively, we are proud of their behaviour and the friendly and caring community they have created which we know extends beyond the school gates.
Now it's time for everyone to relax, play and spend time with family and friends.  
When you come back in September we'd love to see the drawings you've done, the stories you've written and hear about the books you've read and the places you've been.
We wish the very best to the Year 6s who are moving on the high schools where we know they will continue to shine.  
Thank you to all of our parents, staff and governors for continuing to support our lovely school with passion, commitment and professionalism.
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See you bright and early  at 8.45am on 5th September!

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