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New Building - September 8th 2017

What a difference to the school grounds over the summer break! 

As you can see the school has been transformed.  Behind the hoardings the land is being levelled ready for the foundations for the new building.

Although the outside of the old building isn't looking its best, inside we have worked hard to create a vibrant, bright and stimulating environment.

The new Nursery classroom is located on the playground and the playground furniture has been given a lovely makeover.  It is a little bit of a squeeze in the playground but we are managing this by staggering playtime and lunchtime to give the children maximum play space.

Whilst work is going on here,  it is also going on in Leeds where our modular building is being constructed!

building compound

Flattening the ground to build on.


Elliot interior

Ground floor classrooms!



Making the building!